Voith R-Series Universal Joints

Ujoint-R-Guy Wrench

The complete system has been analyzed using FEA method to:

  • Minimize stress load hot spots
  • Optimize weight and mass inertia
  • Maximize torsional stiffness   
UJS Complete FEA
UJS End-Cross-Yoke FEM
UJS Complete W-Hubs FEM

The Voith R Series features:

  • Joint diameter 198mm – 550mm
  • Laminated carbon fiber tube available as an option
  • Reduction of lead time
  • Best value pricing
  • Single piece closed die forging
  • Q&T high alloy steel
  • Non-split bearing eye
  • Seamless seal surface
  • Best embedding of bearing
  • Optimized stress distribution
  • High torque capacity
  • Suitable for corrosive environment

Drilling Rig Drive

UJoint Drilling Rig