Overload-Preventing Voith Safeset

Protect your rotating equipment from damage with a durable and functional torque limiting coupling. This industrial part called the Voith Safeset is especially effective against equipment jams and crash stops. If you want to prevent potentially costly machinery damage, invest in this overload safety device.

An effective protection for overloaded drives.

The Voith Safeset hub transmits torque through friction between hub bore and shaft. The hub is hydraulically pressurized to achieve this friction. Under normal conditions, the safest hub functions as a conventional hub on a shaft. At a point where a transient torque applied is above the set point of the internal sleeve, it will slip, causing interference that results in the release of the hydraulic pressure.

Voith Safeset Hub
Overload-Preventing Voith Safeset

The driver is immediately disconnected from the driven equipment. The driven machine is cleared, the Safeset is again pressurized using a new brass valve, and the machine is restarted. The set point does not change and does not fatigue. The driver and driven machine are not damaged because of the functionality of the Safeset, such as:

  • Precise point of release
  • No false release due to fatigue
  • Adjustable release torque w/pressure change
  • Quick reset after release
  • Compact low weight design
  • Minimal maintenance required

SMARTSET Transient Torque Limiter for starting Synchronous Motors across the line.

The basic design principle of the Smartset coupling is similar to that of the standard Safeset coupling. The Smartset coupling transmits the torque through a friction surface, which then allows the torque capacity to be controlled by the hydraulic pressure. If this coupling is exposed to a higher torque level than it can transmit over the friction surface, it will slip. At startup, synchronous motors produce an oscillating torque at twice the line slip frequency. This decreases as the motor speed increases. At operating speed, the oscillating disappears.

When the oscillating torque frequency matches a torsional resonance frequency in the system, the oscillating torque magnitude increases to several times greater than the normal operating torque. If not considered, this could have destructive effects on the drive train.

The Smartset coupling is designed to limit the peak oscillating torque within the critical speed range by sliding a short distance without disengaging. Additionally, the design incorporates a complete release capability for over-torque protection that caused by motor malfunctions.

The friction surfaces of the Smartset coupling are specially machined, heat-treated, and coated to eliminate wear and fretting. Unlike elastomeric coupling, which has a maximum of 5 years rubber element shelf life, the Smartset coupling can be literally designed to outlast the equipment that it is installed on.