A Cost-Effective SSS Clutch

Calculated Lifetime of SSS Clutches-

SSS Clutches are chosen for arduous conditions or conditions where reliability is paramount and over 50years we have supplied more than 25,000 SSS Clutches for operating conditions up to 320MW at 3000 rpm. In all cases, the life expectancy of the main parts in normal operation exceeds the lifetime of the machine in which they are placed. 


The SSS Clutch is a lasting investment. This innovative overrunning device is designed to allow at-speed synchronous mechanical disconnect of dual-driven generators and process equipment in high-power applications. And, its many features reflect the clutch's effectiveness and durability. They include:

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  • Proven Design—Over 630 SSS Clutches are used in more than 600 gas turbine generator sets in 55 countries. Total power transmitted is over 26 000 000 kW, and the maximum power transmitted through a single clutch is 300 000 kW at 3,000 RPM.
  • High Reliability—The SSS Clutch is proven by its selection for important functions, such as transmission of propulsive power in over 530 fighting ships for 28 Navies.
  • Automatic Action—The basic SSS Clutch is a true freewheel device requiring no friction plates, hydraulics, electromagnetic devices, or any operator action.
  • Positive "No-Slip" Drive—Hardened gear teeth transmit torque without power loss.
  • Negligible Wear—The clutch-synchronizing components are inoperative during torque transmission or when the clutch is overrunning at high speed.
  • Smooth Running—Dynamic balancing of simple cylindrical components with easily controlled clearances ensures low vibration levels.
  • High Overload/Overspeed Capability—Torque is transmitted through the large surface area of the clutch teeth. There are no "line contact" rollers, sprags or cams that are easily overloaded by combined torque and centrifugal forces.
Retrofit to an SSS Clutch
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