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Quality High-Performance Rotating Equipment in Dickinson, TX

Make your facility more efficient with heavy machinery components from Lyle Dingman Company. We are exclusive distributors for SSS Clutch and Voith Turbo. Our team specializes in consulting, engineering, and sales of hybrid industrial high-performance rotating equipment in Dickinson, TX, and the surrounding areas. Our products are ideal for the oil and gas industries - with numerous upstream, midstream, and downstream applications - as well as power generation and distribution. You will find our products in use in compressors, pumps, fans, and process equipment throughout Texas and Louisiana. Get in touch with our staff to discuss your needs and place an order for equipment. Some of our most popular pieces of equipment include:

SSS Clutch:

The synchronous self-shifting clutch (SSS Clutch) is perfect for use in dual-driven equipment and is designed to function for roughly 250,000 hours MTBF. More than 630 SSS clutches are in use in gas turbines in more than 55 countries, for a total of more than 26 million kilowatts of power transmitted. The SSS clutch is popular because of its reliability, automatic action, “no slip drive”, durability, and smooth running with low vibration levels. Some of the most common applications for the SSS clutch include:

  • Dual-Driven Pumps
  • Compressors and Fans
  • Turbine Turning Gear Drives
  • Synchronous Condensing Plants
  • Gas Turbine Starting Drives

Voith Safeset:

The Voith Safeset uses hydraulic pressure to transmit torque through friction between the hub bore and shaft. It is a durable and long-running piece of equipment whose set point does not change or fatigue. Some of the top benefits of the Voith Safeset include:

  • Adjustable Release Torque with Pressure Change
  • Quick Reset After Release
  • No Fatigue-Related False Release
  • Minimal Maintenance Necessary
  • Compact and Low-Weight Design
  • Precise Release Point

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About Lyle Dingman Company

The Lyle Dingman Company is a manufacturer's representative for two of the world's leading manufacturers of components for industrial high-performance rotating equipment. These products are based on the fundamental function of connecting prime mover and driven shafts. We are the only company in the USA offering these two companies’ products exclusively. With more than 40 years of experience in the power transmission industry, we are experts in our field. We provide complete support from concept to application as well as new equipment or retrofit of existing machinery designs. Reach out to us to discuss your equipment needs with our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services. We are based in Dickinson, just outside of Houston, and we serve clients throughout Texas and Louisiana.

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